Learning life lessons from stories is one great way to have it etch in our memories. Stories that give us that motivation and inspiration to move forward in life. Read On!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Groom and the Horse

A Groom was assigned to a racing Horse at a stable, to take care of. The Groom spent long hours to groom the horse, ensuring among many tasks were... exercising and bathing the horse, clipping and maintaining the hooves, combing the mane, and ensuring that it was fed well.

However, each day the Groom will steal a portion of the Horse’s daily feed of oats and sold it for a profit to keep.

Gradually, the Horse with a lesser amount of daily feed, succumbed to poorer health and looked worn out. The Horse then cried out to the Groom, “If you want me to look well, strong and impressive, besides the physical grooming, you need to feed me well also.”

Application: Do not succumb to temptation of taking away that which belongs to others, to profit yourself. It will not be long before the truth is out. It will be manifested in more ways than one.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Fox and the Crow

A Crow was delighted having found a big piece of meat. With the piece of meat in her beak, she perched herself on a tree branch.

While perched on the branch, a Fox walked by below her. Noticing the piece of meat in the crow’s beak, he thought…”If I could have that piece of meat, it will satisfy my hunger for a while.” Then he started to think of how he could get hold of the piece of meat for himself.

The Fox said to the Crow, “You are so beautiful today. This plumage of smooth, black and shiny feathers looks really good on you. If your voice is as sweet and beautiful as the nighingale’s, you will no doubt be the Queen of the Birds.”

Having enjoyed the flattering words, the Crow wanted to let the Fox hear her voice to determine how sweet and beautiful it is. She gave a loud caw, and with her beak opened, the meat fell to the ground.

Snatching the meat off the ground, the Fox laughed and said, “Ha, Ha, Ha! You could be the Queen of the Birds, if you have wits.”

Application: Do not be easily flattered by the seemingly gracious words of those around you. They might be there to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Friday, June 30, 2006

The Mice in Council

One day, distressed by the attacks of a cat, the Mice decided to call for a meeting. The meeting was to discuss the best method of keeping themselves safe and get rid of the consistent attacks by the cat.

After much debate, one mouse stood up to suggest a brilliant idea. He said, “If we could hang a bell around the neck of the cat, we will be able to know where she is when the bell tinkles. That will warn us to avoid that place or and give us time to run for hiding.” Everyone applauded and cheered the idea, and it was well accepted by the Mice Council.

An elderly mouse slowly stood up to say, “This is a great idea, but who are we sending to put the bell on the cat?” With that, one after another, each mouse started to leave the scene.

Application: Not many will dare to risk their lives for the sake of their community. The few who dared, are the heroes of today, because life has become better.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Goose Which Laid Golden Eggs

A Man and his wife was blessed with a goose which laid them a Golden Egg everyday.

However, with one golden egg a day, they were not contented with the speed at which their wealth was accumulating. They became impatient.

“How else could we get more of the gold from the goose quickly?” they thought.
They imagined that if the goose is able to lay a golden egg everyday, there must be a lot of gold inside the goose.

They decided to slit open the goose, so that they can remove all the gold from inside it. To their horror, they found out that the goose is no different from any other goose.

Their hope of becoming wealthy instantly, was dashed. They have lost the goose. Daily, they could no longer add on to their wealth.

Application: Do not kill the “goose” in your company or in the family by overworking him to death. Be satisfied that he is producing good results for you daily.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Lion and the Hare

While on his hunting trip, a hungry Lion spotted a Hare taking a nap under a tree.

Moving closer towards the hare, to pounce on it and have him for lunch, a deer leaped past the Lion.

Spotting a bigger catch, the Lion gave chase. The deer was fast, but the Lion did not give up chasing until he was totally exhausted. He gave up on his attempt to chase the deer.

He remembered the Hare, and returned to the Hare which was napping under the tree. When he arrived at the spot, the Hare was no longer there, and he had to go without his lunch.

With deep regrets he said, “Serves me right! I should not have let go the smaller catch which was within reach, to pursue something bigger and more challenging to reach.”

Application: To have contentment over a smaller reward and enjoy it is better than greed to get something bigger, and eventually losing everything.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Farmer and His Sons

A Farmer, in his dying moments, summoned his three Sons to his bedside to impart to them a Secret which he has kept in his heart. When all were gathered at the bedside, he said, "My sons, I will be leaving you soon. In my vineyard, there is the hidden treasure which I have left for you. Go, dig it and you will find it." With the last few words, the farmer passes on.

The sons thinking of the treasure in the vineyard, started to toil and dig the grounds. They worked very hard and sweated like never before. With spades and forks they turned the soil over and over again looking for the hidden treasure. They found no treasure at all.

However, through their hard work, the soil in the vineyard were loosened, that the vines began to strengthen itself and started to improve in its growth. It produced by far, the best crop of grapes, which gave the best wine they have ever tasted. This was the best "treasure"they have laboured hard for.

Application: Never give away riches too easily. It is through hard work, that a man is rewarded, and he appreciates much more.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Crow and The Pitcher

On a hot and dry day, a thirsty Crow found a narrow neck glass Pitcher with some water in it. She tried putting her beak into the pitcher hopefully to reach the water, but she just could not reach the water.

There was so little water in the pitcher that no matter how hard she tried to push her beak into the pitcher, she could never reach the water at all.

Instead of giving up, and for fear of dying of thirst, she started to think of how she could reach the water. After much thought, she finally got a clever plan.

She began to look for pebbles around her. She started to pick the pebbles up and drop them into the Pitcher. As pebbles were dropped into the pitcher, the water level rose a bit at a time, until it reaches the brim of the pitcher. Alas! She was able to satisfy her thirst.

Application: If the need is great enough, nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling it.